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Investing / Sub-Dividing

Buying a property to rent out is a popular form of investment. Investing in property can be easier to understand than many other types of investments.

The benefits of property investing;

  • Less volatility - Property can be less volatile than shares or other investments

  • Income - You can earn rental income if it's tenanted 

  • Capital growth - If your property increases in value over time you will benefit from a capital gain when you sell

  • Tax deductions - Most property expenses can be offset against rental income, for tax purposes, including interest on any loan used to purchase the property

  • Physical asset - You are investing in something you can see and touch

 A plan of subdivision allows an applicant to divide land into two or more new parcels of land that can be disposed of separately. 

The benefits of sub-diving include;

  • Increase your profits

  • Two registered lots of land will make you more money than one registered lot. In this way, you can increase the total value of your land by carving it up into sellable parts

  • More attractive to buyers

  • By reconfiguring your land into smaller lots you can increase its marketability

  • Smaller lots are easier to sell, being more affordable for potential buyers

  • Create more liveable space


Do you have a reasonable size block of land and looking into or considering property investment options? Jodani can help you achieve your property goal and transform your existing property or a newly purchased property from a single dwelling site into a multi-dwelling unit, townhouse or commercial development site. We take care of every step in the process to ensure that this daunting task runs smoothly and without complication. We will complete every step:  

  • Analyse the project feasibility (maximise your profit and ensure if it is a viable project) 

  • Create a proposed site design and plan for development (co-ordinate with our draftsman / architectual partners) 

  • Construction and development (the entire building process from start to finish) 

  • Marketing for sale - prepare a full presentation booklet on external illustrations and a comprehensive list of all  internal finishes, supported with images